Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Voptop activity report 2.

In the last weeks Voptop made again a lot progress in its development, so it is time for a new activity report.

  • With the growing user base of Voptop there was a little design problem with the contact list discovered. So far Voptop just sorted all contacts alphabetically and ignored there online state what is o.k. as long there are not to much contacts in the contact list. From the moment you have to scroll through your contact list it becomes confusing. Voptop sorts the contacts now at first by there online state. Contact which are online or away are shown on top and offline contacts at the bottom of the list.

Contact list sorting (online on top, followed by away and offline at the bottom)

  • Furthermore there was at 3/2/16 the tech talk at the UMass. Voptop gave a presentation and showed what Voptop is, how it works and gave a short introduction in the fundamentals of the technologies (P2P & encryption) which are used in Voptop.

  • Over and above that several bugs were fixed, which leaded to crashes and dead locks. Thanks to all bug reporter! A new hot fix beta will be released soon (beta 1.2.2).

  • Last but not least the reverse engineering of ICE/STUN/TURN of libnice for re-implementation purpose makes progress and entered now the implementation phase. If things are going well, there will be soon the last beta released. (1.3.0). Fixing all major problems (especially with proxies in Windows).