Friday, July 22, 2016

Activity report 4. Back to work

In spring that year I predicted to finish the ICE/STUN/TURN re-implementation to beginning of this summer. Because of some private difficulties I didn't achieved this goal. Now I am back to work and I will try to finish it to end of this summer or at least to beginning of autumn.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Voptop bug fix release (1.2.2) & activity report 3

How already mentioned in the last activity report, there is a new bug fix release. Last week the beta 1.2.2 was released for Windows and Linux. This release contains the fixes of several crashes and a deadlock. Furthermore the sorting by "online state (online, away, offline)" of the contacts is included in the beta 1.2.2.
Over that the windows version got upgraded to the new Qt 5.6 release.

The  Voptop website got some polish to. The website has now a "development" section, where the code and the documentation will be released soon after Voptop switches from beta to RC (release candidate).
Furthermore the website got a video section where you can find all Voptop related videos (feature demo, installing guides etc.).

The libnice replacement implementation is still ongoing and needs more time. The timeline is to have a working beta implementation of the libnice replacement up to the beginning of the summer this year.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Voptop activity report 2.

In the last weeks Voptop made again a lot progress in its development, so it is time for a new activity report.

  • With the growing user base of Voptop there was a little design problem with the contact list discovered. So far Voptop just sorted all contacts alphabetically and ignored there online state what is o.k. as long there are not to much contacts in the contact list. From the moment you have to scroll through your contact list it becomes confusing. Voptop sorts the contacts now at first by there online state. Contact which are online or away are shown on top and offline contacts at the bottom of the list.

Contact list sorting (online on top, followed by away and offline at the bottom)

  • Furthermore there was at 3/2/16 the tech talk at the UMass. Voptop gave a presentation and showed what Voptop is, how it works and gave a short introduction in the fundamentals of the technologies (P2P & encryption) which are used in Voptop.

  • Over and above that several bugs were fixed, which leaded to crashes and dead locks. Thanks to all bug reporter! A new hot fix beta will be released soon (beta 1.2.2).

  • Last but not least the reverse engineering of ICE/STUN/TURN of libnice for re-implementation purpose makes progress and entered now the implementation phase. If things are going well, there will be soon the last beta released. (1.3.0). Fixing all major problems (especially with proxies in Windows).

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bug fix release for Windows & Linux (beta 1.2.1)

Monday evening I released a new Voptop version (beta 1.2.1) for Windows & Linux. This version is just a hot fix release which fixes a crash, typos in the UI and for Windows the packaged Qt5 libraries. This update is especially important for the Windows users, because the old version was delivered with old Qt5 library files which caused audio problems in the video chat functionality.
The new version can be downloaded on

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Voptop beta 1.3.2 released for Haiku

A little bit later than planed, a new version of the Voptop beta was uploaded for the Haiku operating system.  It is available on and you can jump directly to the download area with this link
The new Voptop beta for Haiku OS includes everything which was promised in the last activity report.
The new beta is packaged for the haiku packing manager infrastructure and can easily be installed with a double click on the .hpkg file. All dependencies will be downloaded automatically. This causes that Voptop is from now just available for the nightly builds and not anymore for the last alpha release. The beta 1.3.2 is compiled with gcc2.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Voptop activity report

From now on I will try to write regularly activity reports of the Voptop development. In the last two weeks I have spend again time for bringen a new version of Voptop to the Haiku operating system. Because I was working on the Windows, Linux and MacOS X port, the Voptop version become outdated and didn't followed all the new features.

Haiku client
  • At first I updated the graphics in the Voptop haiku client, so it looks now again like the Voptop Qt5 client for the other operating systems.
  • Then I fixed some bugs which caused crashes, while receiving and sending video streams.
  • After that I added the configuration features for the anonymization similar to the configuration functions in the Qt client. Before this, the haiku client was just able to connect highly anonimzed, even if you didn't needed it. Now you can choose if you wish to be anonymized or not.
  • Last but not least, the Voptop haiku client got the video chat function. Currently haiku doesn't support web cams. So haiku can't capture you while a video chat and will send instead a video stream with a static picture. But at least you can see and hear your opposite, and your opposite can hear you.
  • I will try to create a haiku install package this weekend, so hopefully a new Voptop version for haiku will be released this weekend.


The implementation of the ICE/STUN/TURN is currently still in the reverse engineering phase. I am using the libnice to reverse engineer ICE/STUN/TURN, because it is much more easy than reading and extracting the important things for Voptop from the RFC standard.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Tech talk at UMass 3/2/16

On March 2nd I will give a tech talk at the  University of Massachusetts at 7 PM EST (1 AM CET, 3. March). Mainly topic of the talk will be Voptop and how it works. In the tech talk P2P and encryption will be explained in a detailed way with focus on the P2P and encryption types which are used for Voptop.
The tech talk will be hold with Google Hangout. I try to record and publish the tech talk on Youtube.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Upcoming beta 1.3.0 & Website SSL

Now since the beta 1.2.0 was released, it is time to move on and aim for the next milestone.
Since the first release Voptop became very stable and there is just one more big task on the list. This last task is the own implementation of ICE/STUN/TURN and replacing the ugly libnice, like I already mentioned here in the blog.
With this last and to be honest big task, the Voptop beta phase will end. With other words the beta 1.3.0 will be the last minor beta before switching to the R(elease)C(anditate) phase and publishing the source code of the Voptop client.

And there are more good news, from now the Voptop website is just delivered encrypted over HTTPS utilizing "Let’s Encrypt" certificates.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New Voptop Beta 1.2.0 release

Today a new Voptop beta version is released.  The new release contains

  • HTTP proxy/tunneling support. 
  • Auto idle mode (sets client to away after 5 minutes and can be configured to any duration or turned off)
  • Menubar is now working for all platforms the same way (no bugs anymore in KDE, Unity etc.)
  • Tray icon beautified, now with icons
  • A lot of bug fixes which caused crashes

You can download Voptop on the official website, or go directly to the download area

If you find bugs or Voptop crashes, please fill a bug ticket in the Voptop bug tracker

Friday, January 15, 2016

Tray icon beautified

One of the latest and last doings for beta release 1.2.0 was the beautifying of the tray icon context menu. I added svg icons to all menu entries which looks nice :-). Last doing for the next beta release is testing!

That is how it looks now:

Tray icon with svg icons

That is how it looks before:

try icon without svg icons

Monday, January 11, 2016

Voptop does HTTP Proxy tunneling now

Today I got the HTTP proxy support done, including HTTP authentication on the proxy. Just the settings-window need to be upgraded, so that a HTTP proxy can be configured on a user-friendly way.
So far I have just tested it on my Linux develop machine and I am not sure if HTTP proxy support will have the same problems on windows like SOCKS5 proxy support.

HTTP proxy support will be included in the next beta release (1.2.0), which is very close now.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Voptop joins "Let’s Encrypt"

From now on the Voptop website (for all domains) is encrypted with an SSL certificate generated by "Let’s Encrypt". Currently you can choose by your self if you want to visit the website encrypted or not. Just our bug tracker ( forces an SSL encryption and redirects you to HTTPS, so far.
In near future, we will redirect all HTTP traffic to HTTPS.

Thanks to the "Let's Encrypt" project for there great work!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

KDE and Unity menu bar work-a-round

Some user reported a strange bug with KDE and Unity desktop environments. The top menu bar in Voptop seems not to appear in this two desktop environments. It's not a big surprise when it comes to Unity, because of there well known menu bar behavior similar to the Mac OS X menu bar behavior.

Screenshot KDE with bug

Anyway, I was able to reproduce the bug and fixed it with programming "my own menu bar". Now it should work the same way for all desktop environments.

Screenshot KDE with bug fix

The bug fix will be included in the next beta release (1.2.0).

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy new Year 2016!

I wish all followers and Voptop users a happy new year 2016. I hope you had great Christmas days with you families and friends!
Voptop will be back again soon, with a third beta release (1.2.0) containing bug fixes and some smaller new features. I think 2016 will be a big year for Voptop :-)

And by the way. While Christmas I implemented an auto idle detection, so Voptop will switch from "Online" to "Away" after a few minutes (5 min by default) of idling.