Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Voptop Beta 1.0.0 Release - out now

After a long time of development Voptop is ready for it's first release on the major operating systems Windows and Linux.
Voptop is still in development but already stable enough to make its first steps in public and so released as beta 1.0.0 for Windows and Linux. To make it available for Linux there are currently deb packages for Ubuntu 14.04 lts, Ubuntu 15.04, Ubuntu 15.10 and Debian 8 Jessie. Windows is supported from Windows 7 up to Windows 10.
Installation packages for Arch based Linux distributions will be available soon.

You can download Voptop on the official website, or go directly to the download area

Furthermore there is a new Video showing Voptop and its features in action on youtube. Three Videos showing how to install it easily for all supported major platforms.

Currently Voptop doesn't support proxys and IPv6 completely (don't worry, IPv4 through NAT should work fine too). The next beta release of Voptop will add the missing proxy support (SOCKS5) and will bring some smaller UI improvements.

If you find bugs or Voptop crashes, please fill a bug ticket in the Voptop bug tracker

Voptop intro

Install demo Windows 8

Install demo Ubuntu

Install demo Debian 8 Jessie

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